One Night Before in Miami

MAY 24
We were a team of eleven volunteers and two CDWT project team leaders. The goal of our trip was to install four clean drinking water filter systems in four days. We planned to install two systems in Limonar, a barrio 25 minutes outside of Matanzas, and two systems in the area of Havana. Several from our team arrived in Miami the night before we left for Cuba. We thought it would work better if we didn't have to battle the early Friday morning traffic from West Palm to Miami. We packed our four water systems tightly into four duffle bags and one more bag for our tools, pipe and extra fittings. Our travel agent, Magaly, met us at the hotel to deliver copies of the Cuban visas, travel vouchers and contact information for the people who would pick us up at the airport and take us to our project locations. We could not have arranged for this trip without assistance from Magaly. She has worked closely with the Episcopal Cathedral in Havana for several years, which was a big help in making arrangements and relaying communications to the staff who had to review and approve our projects.

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