Our first full day in Honduras. Hudson and Whitney were up early jogging and working out just like they said they would be - at 6AM. The rest of the group did their own thing until 7:30AM when we gathered for morning prayer lead by Greg, and then we had breakfast at 8AM.
After a good meal of pancakes we started our projects. Some of the group gathered the paint supplies, others joined the water project and others joined the girls in the craft room. Painting got off to a slow start while they had to wait for brushes and rollers. The water project got off to a quick start and a blast of water as they tried to find the shut-off valve for the dining hall. There were 3 shut-offs, third time was a charm. Rick took a blast of grey water and then Jonathan and Emma where on hand to help lay out the tools, assemble the sink, and begin connecting the pipe. Rick had to make adjustments to his plan as the water pipe coming from the wall needed to be replaced. After a quick run to the store with Danilo we had all the pipe and fittings to get started. We made good progress before lunch, connecting the new water line to the existing sink, transitioning from metal to PVC and turning the corner with pipe connecting to the water filters. After lunch we finished hanging the sink, connecting the UV system and testing the pipe. We had a slow drip so we laied out some pots to catch the water and hoped over night the glue would cure and stop the leak.
The group gathered for dinner and then went out to the playground for a movie on the big screen - first night we showed Incredibles 2.

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