Happy 4th of July. There were no fireworks in Honduras - thank goodness. The early group started the day with an early morning discussion about being american. The rest of group gathered by 7AM for morning prayer and then breakfast at 8AM. We had time this morning to finish out projects and we split into two groups taking the girls to the Hospitality House for a swim in the pool. The water project group made the first trip to the pool and the painting group made the trip after lunch. Going for a swim is a welcome escape form the heat and gives us time to relax and just have fun with the girls. Some who didn't want to swim just hung out in the hammock and listened to music.
After lunch we made some modifications to the water project trying to stop the drip. We replaced a section and two fittings. It stopped the drip but it introduced a new teeny tiny drip. UGH! We added some more PVC cement and tape to keep pressure on the connection and hoped it would stop. Spoiler alert - it worked . The drip stopped after a few hours as the glue cured. We demonstrated the system, drank the water, ran the system and all but a slight plastic taste it was perfect. The plastic taste was due to all the new pipe and PVC cement which would wear off in a few days.
After dinner we gathered in the TV room for a showing of Big Foot the animated movie and others played soccer on the playground until 9:30PM.

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