Day 2 Water Project Celebration

We got off to an early morning start. We were up so early and eager to go we had to wait for the hotel restaurant to open at 6:30AM. We brought all the bags down to the lobby, computers, water jugs, drone, team shirts and hats, etc. After a good breakfast we loaded the 2 SUVs and headed out of Kathmandu for Nuwakot valley. As we left the city behind us the road opened up to small farming communities and twisting roads up the mountain and into the next valley. At first the roads were newly paved and fast, then as we started the assent up the mountain they turned to bumpy, pot holes and washouts. The monsoon season just ended last month. And the apparently the road repairs have not started yet. We stopped at the mountain pass to see the view of the snow covered peaks. Having made this trip almost a dozen time in 2 years, this was the first time being here in the dry season and we were able to see the mountain view of the western Himalayas.
We cleared the peak and descended into Nuwakot valley. We made our traditional stop at the corner shop to pickup a case of water. Rick, Mary, Lisa and Cele took advantage of the stop to walk across the bridge and take the first view of the hill where out projects are located. We picked them up and started the ascent up the dirt road. Being the end of monsoon season the road hadn't been grated yet and it was VERY bumpy. We made it to the top in our two SUVs with a few bumps and bruises. We passed through Kabilash and headed up the hill further to Khorttok.


The village was waiting for our arrival. As we got out of the vehicles everyone cheered and started singing, We first met the members of the water committee. There are 7 members. They took us to the water tank where we saw the water faucet and Rick took a ceremonial splash. Everyone was so excited to see the completed system that was only begun 4 weeks earlier by the villagers. There was an 80gallon plastic tank filled with drinking water and pipes leading down to the lower parts of the village. the collection box was too far up in the hill for us to visit - we had so much to see in just one day. It was more important we establish our relationship with the new village and celebrate their accomplishment. We were invited into the home of the president of the water committee where three women served us rice, dhal bhat and tea. We all had a large helping and some had seconds to the delight of the women. We finished all they had to serve us and then we went outside where everyone was waiting for us. Rick flew the drone for a few minutes to capture an aerial view of the village. The drone caused a lot of excitement and likely scared a few people but he managed to land it within inches of where he took off. We took a few group pictures and then Madhav hurried us to our next stop where people where waiting.

Secondary school

We delivered the first two laptops.


We celebrated our third visit with the village. First we helped hand out awards to the students with the highest grades. Then we distributed 27 of the water LIFESAVER water jugs to representatives from the schools and medical posts in the region. Then we celebrated the school water tank dedicated in memory of Barbara Brown. Then we delivered 11 laptops to the school and helped setup the first computer lab in the region. Then we handed out toys and gifts we brought and everyone danced. We left just as it was getting dark but we still had one more stop to make to Dokre Bari.

Dokre Bari

We met the members of the water committee at the top of the hill which was the entrance to the village. We had only a few minutes of daylight to meet everyone and take a picture as we delivered the check and money for the water system which the village completed on their own. They took a collection from everyone in the village (approx. 127) people) with the understanding we would help pay for the system after it was completed. After the greeting we walked down to the center of village where they constructed a flower arbor to welcome us.

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