CUBA 2018

In February 2018 we will be working on a water quality project in Cuba. We will send one CDWT team member to join a team from the COMMUNITY of the CROSS OF NAILS (CCN). CCN has been installing water filters in Cuba for 25 years. CDWT will help by gathering GPS data for the water filter locations, test the water, perform maintenance on existing filter systems and install one new filter system. While in Cuba we will visit, Havana, Montanzas, Cardenas, Holguin and Santiago de Cuba. Drinking water in Cuba is supplied by the government but people suffer intestinal illnesses due to contamination. By observing first-hand how the people access the water, how they haul the water to their homes and by testing the water, we will be able to offer suggestions on how to address the issues.

This is a highly anticipated project for several reasons. This will be the first project we implement under our new organization, Clean Drinking Water Team Inc. This will be our first visit to Cuba, a Caribbean country only 90 miles from Florida, yet a world apart. We are anxious to connect with the Cuban people who are in desperate need of help for a clean drinking water solution. Being a water quality focused project we will expand our data and begin our data collection efforts in the region. We hope to complete three projects in three different countries by 2019 which will help give us an international non-profit designation allowing us to pursue grant opportunities.


  • $900 (travel, room, board for 1 team member)
  • $300 (water filter cartridges)
    • >Aqua Pure AP 110 Filters($10ea.)
    • >Aqua Pure AP 117 Filters($11ea.)
    • >Viqua D4 Plus System Lamp with Sleeve, Part # 602810- 102
  • $700 (water filter system)
  • $400 (water testing kits)
  • $340 (GPS)


  1. Mark P.
  2. Sarah H.
  3. Oliver S.
  4. Jim W.
  5. Ana A.
  6. Joshua M.
  7. Erin N.
  8. Virginia M.
  9. Robert C.
  10. Marilyn M.
  11. Rachel
  12. Gary
  13. Rick M.