Education and Awareness

A major part of our mission is to educate and raise awareness about drinking water issues. Whether local, regional or global, clean drinking water is a topic that is getting more recognition. In the USA, the lead contamination of the municipal water in Flint Michigan was a major pivot point on many levels. When Cape Town South Africa ran dry in 2017 the world took notice that a modern city was suffering from a developing country issue. The topics of drinking water contamination, water scarcity, water resource management and water access are in need of a voice. We hope we can offer some relevant information on these topics and inspire you to search out more water knowledge about your local area.

We compile our experience by taking what we know from our local issues, local solutions and then we meet up with people of other regions, cultures and countries to compare notes. Each encounter helps refine our perspective and broaden our knowledge base. We are anxious to share this experience.

Contact US if you would like CDWT to make a presentation to your civic group, club, school or church group. We enjoy sharing our experiences through photos, videos and presentations that are entertaining, informative and inspiring.

U.S. Geological Service

The USGS is one of the major collectors of water data in the USA. The USGS Water Information System (WIS) contains information about every region in the USA.

Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA sets the standards for Safe Drinking Water Standards in the USA.