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Cuba Preparations

Preparations for this project started months ago. Assembling a team with people from 5 different states and 3 different countries is a complicated undertakin
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Day 2 - Working in Santiago de Cuba

Day 2 (Sunday) - Rick and Josh were the first to arrive for breakfast at 7:30AM. The hotel offers a nice breakfast buffet in the dining hall -- cheeses, fruits
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Day 1 - Miami to Santiago de Cuba

Day 1 - We all gathered in the Miami airport at 7:30AM as planned. We checked in, went through security, and found Gate 45 with 90 minutes to spare. It was
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Day 3 - Guantanamo

Day 3 - Guantánamo (monday)
Today was a day of exploring the Southeast region of Santiago and Guantanamo. The region is not visited as often as Havana an
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