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Departure Day

I'm starting this blog a little early. We begin our 2018 Nepal water project October 27, 2018 but so much has already happened I wanted to write it down before
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Day 2 Water Project Celebration

We got off to an early morning start. We were up so early and eager to go we had to wait for the hotel restaurant to open at 6:30AM. We brought all the bags d
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Arrival in Kathmandu and First Day

We left WPB 7AM on 10/27, we arrived at our hotel by 10PM on 10/28. It was a total of 26 hours of travel but we lost 10 hours which means 10/28 is already gone
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Boudhanath Temple and Dinner with Friends

After a busy day yesterday we took a day to see one of the biggest sites in Kathmandu - the largest Buddhist stupa, Boudhanath. It was about 30 minutes from ou
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