In May 2021 we arranged for a 2nd shipment of rice, cooking oil and masks to the Kabilash region of Nepal. We've also been supporting drinking water efforts being undertaken by villagers in remote regions of Nepal as they replicate work done on our previous projects and and expand the systems CDWT installed. The results have been amazing.


We are excited to announce the results from our latest water project in Nepal. While we wait for vaccines and for the borders to open to visitors, we arranged for delivery of materials helping local villagers bring running water to Kalika for the first time. We are so happy and hope to celebrate this achievement in-person when we visit later this year.


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We Make the Impossible, Potable

Our work delivers clean drinking water, dignity and pride.

Sponsor a water project. Help us bring a water filter system to a community in desperate need of the most basic of human right - access to clean drinking water. A complete water filter system costs $1,000. Our team of volunteers travel to the location, work with the community and collaborate on the installation. We train locals how to install and maintain the systems and we provide 1 year of replacements filters.

Underwrite a clean drinking water project. Help us bring clean drinking water to a village of 200 people. A typical spring box, pipe system, water tank and pump costs $6,000. We work with partner organizations and suppliers to acquire donated materials and local labor to maximize the effectiveness of our efforts.


First - Identify the Needs

First thing we do is listen and work with the local community to understand the problem, identify the needs and asses the capabilities of people in need of clean drinking water.

Second - Fund It

Secondly, we raise the funds needed to provide the drinking water solution identified by the local community. The amount needed is typically in the $1,500-$5,000 range. We rely on donations and underwriting to meet our goal of $10,000 each year.

Third - Measurable Results

Every project produces measurable, verifiable results. We publish reports, videos, photos, journals for each project and we welcome people wanting to join our project teams to see the results firsthand. We make sure our donors know the details about every project they help make a reality.

Fourth - Be Transparent

We publish detailed monthly financial statements in keeping with our honest commitment to be transparent and earning the trust of the people who support our projects. We account for every penny donated, where it comes from and how it's spent. We earned a gold level from Charity Navigator and hold ourselves to the highest standard.

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