We pledge to always be transparent and accountable throughout all aspects of our organizational operations. We pledge to share timely, accurate information about our finances, our processes and our projects. We will quickly share both the good news and any issues we are facing. Donors will have full access to the information they need to assess CDWT's worthiness of their donation. We will always promote a culture of respect, understanding and trustworthiness and our donors will be treated as partners on our projects.
Inspect Our Financial Reports


CDWT is a 100% volunteer organization. Having no buildings, no vehicles, and no paid staff, we have almost no overhead. The tiny bit of overhead we do have is related to the most basic administrative tasks: IRS filing, bank fees and printing costs. Our board donates their time and they often donate their own resources to carry out the day- to- day business of the organization. That allows us to apply 100% of donations from our supporters directly to our project costs. We adhere to standard IRS nonprofit accounting principles. We have no assets. Tools purchased for projects are often gifted to the communities after the project is completed. Our bottom line is measured by the impact of our results. We believe the more cost effective our projects can be, the more projects we can complete, the more people we directly - the more passionate people will be to support us. Join us and be a partner in something meaningful and life changing.


Quite simply, we provide clean drinking water solutions for small, desperate, rural communities who have nowhere else to turn. There are communities all around the world that are ignored, forgotten or just aren't helped by their governments. They know they have a crisis, they want to solve the crisis but they just don't have the means or the resources to solve it by themselves. That's where we come in. We are supported by people who want to help and make a difference in the world. We combine our efforts, talents, resources and donations from generous supporters and together we help the people. The community owns the project from the start - we are there to assist them in solving the problem. They own the water system when the project is finished. We help restore their drinking water system and if we do it right, we also restore pride and dignity in the community.

We aren't first responders after a disaster but we are 2nd responders. Water is an immediate life saving need after an earthquake or typhoon. Clean drinking water is among the first emergency supplies delivered in bottles or by trucks after a disaster. That is immediate, short-term relief. We respond after the all clear is given. We are the second, third and fourth wave long after the disaster has passed and we provide help focused on the long-term recovery. Typically, it takes 10 years for poor rural communities to recover from a disaster. After the TV cameras and reporters have left. After the world has turn it's attention towards the next disaster we remain and help communities restore their water system and reclaim their self-reliance.


The following questions are from an article by Bruce DeBoskey

What is CDWT's purpose?

CDWT has a very clear purpose. We work closely with small rural villages to install clean drinking water systems they will own and maintain. Our work accomplishments, origins, future plans are published on our website and we welcome any opportunity, large or small, to talk about our mission and achievements. We are run by a board of directors consisting of 3 qualified and dedicated people with over 90 combined years of experience in water resource management. We are an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity based in South Florida.

Is CDWT financially transparent?

CDWT publishes a monthly (Finance Report )disclosing donations, expenses and project budgets. We think it is vital for our donors to understand how we manage and spend the money they donate to our projects. Take a look at our Transparency Pledge.

What verifiable outcomes result from the work done by CDWT?

CDWT publishes maps, photos and detailed journals describing our work and (completed projects). We publish detailed information on all our projects including: what it costs, where it is being done, who it is helping, and the impact it is bringing to the community. We don't want there to be any doubt about the work we are doing.

Is CDWT exploring income generating opportunities in addition to donations and grants?

CDWT welcomes all discussions on income generating activities. We have a great team that is always thinking outside the box on ways to generate an income to support our projects. Some ideas we want to pursue include: Sponsored Craft Beer Events, Fair Trade sale of items brought back from our project locations, website hosting for other charities, water pump distribution and sales.

Does CDWT provide timely updates on successes and challenges?

The most often updated page on our website is the (NEWS page). We quickly share all information about our work and our organization, the good new and the not-so-good news. We know we will face challenges from time-to-time but we believe the best way to overcome challenges is to lay them out in the open and be ready to accept input from the people who want to offer advice. We go beyond what is done in most nonprofits - read more about it in our (Transparency Pledge).

Does CDWT appreciate the support and donations it receives?

CDWT appreciates every donation, regardless of size. We send timely thank you notes and we post the names of donors, with their permission. We place logos from corporate donors on our site and on our team project shirts. But, the best way we know how to show our appreciation is by sharing news of the progress we make on our projects showing how we effectively utilize the donations. We invite everyone to subscribe to our news feed to (FOLLOW US). We install commemorative or memorial plaques on our completed projects honoring our donors. If we received $1.00 from just 10% of the people in the USA we would have enough money to implement more than 3,000 projects. No contribution is too small. CDWT donors are not just people who donate money, every one of them is a project partner.