Nepal 2020

During 2019 we worked remotely with a committee from the Besikateri village to design and install a well, pipe, water tank and water distribution system for the community of 400 people. Besikateri is 4 hours North of Kathmandu in the Nuwakot District. Upon receiving funding grants from 100PALMBEACH.ORG and ALLSTATE INSURANCE we accelerated this project helping the villagers install a good part of the project before the summer monsoon rains begin. To date, CDWT wired $5,000 to the village water committee and they dug a 40 foot deep seepage well, lined it with concrete rings, pulled 300 meters of 40mm HDPE pipe, purchased a water tank, connected the electrical system and controller box, and installed a 4hp submersible water pump. The 4hp water pump was very powerful and the flow of water at the top of the mountain was very good. There was a big celebration by everyone in the village as they saw water flowing for the first time. As soon as the system is completed it will help 400 people who make 3 dangerous trips per day down to the river to fetch and carry water back up the hill to their homes. The system will provide a tank and public water faucets in several areas around the village for a reliable water supply year round. If we are lucky we will also install a water purification system in 2020.

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In 2020, we will travel to Nepal to inspect the work and celebrate the completion of the water system. We will also extend our visit in Nuwakot spending time in Kabilash, Dhakrebari, Korthok, Aapchaur and the surrounding area to visit our previous projects and meet with the water committees.

Villagers pull the waterline down the mountain to make a connection at the well.

Water pump test at top of mountain where storage tank will be installed.

Watertank in Besi Kateri village.

Waterfaucet in Besi Kateri village.

Computer lab at Kabilash school and laptops donated by CDWT in 2018.

While in Nepal we will also be installing a water purification system at a child rescue and care facility in Kathmandu. The water system will help reduce dependency on purchasing bottled water.
This will be our 4th visit to Nepal. We will make 2 visits to Kabilash, the region of our water projects to inspect the newest completed project and to meet with the village team to scout a new project for 2021. Our travel group will participate in village celebrations and then they will enjoy a once in a life time opportunity to explore sites in Nepal with our project team.

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