We brought back these items from Nepal. 100% of the proceeds from these sales will go towards our 2018 clean drinking water projects. The prices listed are suggested donation amounts to receive the item as a thank you gift. We are in need of funding for our Cuba water filter project and a water tank for the people in Dhokare Bari, Nepal. Thank you for supporting our efforts.
Gracias, Namaste

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IMG_3417otherUnique small padlock with interesting etching$8.00BUY THIS ITEM
IMG_3401otherYak bone keychain$10.00BUY THIS ITEM
IMG_3419otherSmall brass lock with unusual key and locking mechanism$20.00BUY THIS ITEM
IMG_3407otherSmall 2017 Calendar, hand painted on handmade paper, 4in by 6in$10.00RESERVED
IMG_3338otherDeck of playing cards with 52 photos from Nepal$10.00BUY THIS ITEM
IMG_3339otherBeautiful photographs on standard deck of playing cards from Nepal. 52 faces of Nepal.$5.00BUY THIS ITEM
IMG_2375otherBuddhist prayer wheel on 5 inch wooden handle, 3inch brass prayer wheel contains Buddhist prayers on paper.$15.00BUY THIS ITEM
IMG_2374otherBuddhist prayer wheel from Nepal. 4inch tall painted brass prayer wheel spins and contains Buddhist prayers on paper.$20.00BUY THIS ITEM
IMG_2376other3inch by 3inch carved wooden Buddhist prayer knot from Nepal.$0.00BUY THIS ITEM
IMG_2377otherSmall backpack bag from the Philippines with one large cargo area and small pocket on front. Purchased in Banaue, PI. Back strap has zipper to convert to a single sling for carrying. Approx. 12inch by 10inch bag.$13.00BUY THIS ITEM