CDWT needs partners. We do not want to be a 100% donation funded charity non-profit, 501(c)(3). Our donors are vital to our mission and ability to produce results but we must also generate income from a variety of income producing activities to be sustainable as an organization. We want to be extremely effective using our funds to deliver the biggest results on our projects. We want to partner with organizations that also want to provide clean drinking water to communities across the globe. If your organization could support our clean drinking water projects in any way we would like to form a partnership. We need partnerships with water filter companies, plumbing suppliers, hotels, airlines, water pump distributors, pipe companies, software vendors, internet webhosting companies, cellphone carriers, GPS distributors, camera retailers, weather equipment distributors, water test kit suppliers, transportation and shipping companies, print shops, embroidery shops, marketing companies, or any company that would like to support our efforts.

  • We have a partnership with ATLANTIC FILTER CORP a family owned Florida based water filter / water treatment company that has been delivering clean drinking water systems in South Florida since 1955. Atlantic Filter is our supplier of water filters and water purification systems.
  • We are currently working with ALDON-CHEM an American company that produces and packages chemicals and laboratory test kits. We are creating water test kits that CDWT will use on our projects, distribute to people in the villages we help and we will sell them to raise money for our projects. Everyone should test their home drinking water at least once. When you travel you should test the wter in your hotel room or even the pool you plan to swim in. Before you buy a new home think about testing the water, and if you do, please buy a water test kit from us. Not only will you benefit by knowing the quality of the water you drink, you will also be helping bring clean drinking water to people in desperate need. 100% of the profits go directly towards our projects.
  • We are forming a partnership with LIFESAVER WATER a British microbiological water filter company that has a mission to provide effective long-term clean water solutions, both for humanitarian relief and for staff to ensure they are always with clean drinking water in the field and for beneficiaries in need of a household solution. Their Lifesaver Bottle, Liberty Bottle, Jerrycan and C2 community sized filter systems are designed to provide clean drinking water under extreme conditions and they meet the highest standards: EPA, ISO9000, NSF Protocol P231 and P248.
    Watch Inventor Michael Pritchard demonstrate the LIFESAVER bottle
  • We are forming a partnership with SAWYER INTERNATIONAL an American Outdoor Gear Company that manufactures nano water filters and has a mission to change the world through Life Saving Technology and Life Changing Solutions. We will use the PonitONE .1micron water filter system and the .02micron PointZERO system to deliver clean drinking water on our projects. Our team will also use the personal water filter system while working in remote locations, and we hope to be able to sell Sawyer products at our fundraising events to help fund our projects. 100% of the profits go directly towards our projects.
  • We purchase our project shirts, embroidered hats and door magnets locally from Greatwestern Printing Lake Worth Florida. They always help us with our special requests using Nepali font, spanish text and logo printed items.